Project Description

Membina Court

In many cities today, most people choose to live in apartments because of its advantages. However the overall size of most apartments cannot be compared to a house, especially in Singapore. Hence, this project is one of the many examples that undergoes a complete makeover from a typical 3-bedroom apartment to an open-concept dwelling with a fascinating metal framed clear glass room dividers for an adventurous young couple.

Our team focus on characteristics of the open-concept theme and redefine new interior space and paths to accommodate clients requirements. The design concept is to reflect a refined standard of homeowners contemporary lifestyle yet rustic approach. The construction phase took us about 8 weeks before the move in. The major work scope comprises of hacking works inclusive most of the internal walls, electrical and lighting, tiling works, reconfiguration of plumbing works and mostly carpentry works. The interior design of the contemporary, yet rustic apartment exhibits a lavish use of materials with masculine color scheme on feature walls ranging from black and grey textured laminate finishes, exquisite tiles, perforated metal sheet, stainless steel trimming to rustic wood grains.